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The Most Exciting Day of the Year – reposted from 2012 with Photos


A Windsor Parade Staple
A Windsor Parade Staple  1965                     Photo courtesy of Anne Walsh

I’d have a tough time getting to sleep the night before but when morning came I was wide awake and giddy with anticipation. Labour Day !!! It was always a big day in Windsor, Ontario where I grew up – what with Windsor being the automotive capitol of Canada. The unions were strong and what they did always had rippling repercussions throughout the city.

On this day there was always a huge parade down Ouellette Avenue to start things off in the morning. Brass bands, one after the other, and marchers – Labour’s finest – proclaiming proudly their local’s credentials. Even my Dad took part on occasion – being an active member of the American Federation of Musicians local 566 – established in 1911.

So we’d all get up, get dressed – forget about breakfast for me – I had far too many butterflies to swallow a thing! Then we’d walk a few blocks to the big intersection of Giles and Ouellette – where the Cenotaph proudly stood, find a prime viewing spot and eagerly wait for flag bearers to appear. If we kids needed a better view we took turns on our Dad’s shoulders. At 6 foot 5 he had a perfect vantage point.

Marching Bands Galore    1965                                       Photo Courtesy of Anne Walsh
1965 Labor Day Parade, Windsor                                      Photo Courtesy of Anne Walsh
Vintage Cars  1965                                                                          Photo Courtesy of Anne Walsh
1965 Labor Day Parade, Windsor
1965 Labor Day Parade, Windsor                          Photo Courtesy of Anne Walsh

The parade was fun but that was not the main attraction for me on Labour day…the best was yet to come. Fireman’s Field Day and Carnival!

Immediately after the sounds of the last band faded we quickly headed home, got in our Oldsmobile and drove to Jackson Park. The Carnival – oh I must have sawdust in my veins – how I loved that Carnival. From Labour Day and for the week after – the carnival held me in its thrall. The crowds milling about – who would be there? Chances were we’d run into a bunch of people that we knew. The sounds of the rides, the shrill calls of the guys who wanted to sell you 3 tosses at the bowling pins, the sing song of the vendor with his awesome display of pink cotton candy – all beckoned.

The rides. It was a love/hate relationship – especially with the Ferris Wheel. It held a fascination for me and I loved being at the top and seeing all the way across town. But, you see, in those days I also had a bit of a fear of heights so there was always an edge of danger lurking.

The Carnival always came through and delivered on its promise of fun and excitement. Later I found out that the reason we called it Firemen’s Field Day is that it was sponsored by Windsor Firefighters.

Okay, so far we have a parade, a carnival, wonderful family day – but that’s not all that made this day so special my friends. This was the official last day of summer – next day – school! Now, bear with me. I know that for a lot of you that wasn’t exactly what you wanted to be looking forward to the next day but I was one of the kids who loved school. New pencils sharpened and ready – just could hardly wait to start the new school year.

So Happy Labour Day (or Labor Day) my dear friends and readers. I hope you have even a fraction of the fun that I remember on Labour Day and make some of your own memories. And whether you start school tomorrow or return to work and embark on some entirely new adventure I hope it will energize and delight you.

Photos provided courtesy of Anne Walsh of Windsor Ontario.  They were taken in 1965 by Anne’s husband and his father.  Thank you Anne!

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A Face Book “AHA” Moment – Just a Simple Anecdote About Connecting

Yep, it’s cool in some circles to disdain the social media queen bee.  Some of my best friends won’t go near the place.  Why would they want to waste their time?  True, if you’re not careful it can chew up your minutes like Pac Man.

Yesterday I was going through some old family photos and wavering between tears and laughter as memory after memory zinged me.  I found one of my son and I , taken some years ago at the beach.  We were both caught in a moment of sheer delight as he sat on my lap in the sand at Santa Monica.  I felt the joy of that moment and wanted to share it with my friends.  So I immediately scanned the photo, did what I could with the lighting in Photoshop – which wasn’t much – and posted it on my Facebook page.

Late today I logged on to catch up on what was happening in cyber land and wow, a couple dozen friends had acknowledged and ‘liked’ the photo and a few even commented.

These were friends and family who represented many phases and stages of my life and I was momentarily overtaken by the sheer idea of it all.  Friends from elementary school in Canada for heaven’s sake – friends from nursing school – a cousin from Scotland that I have never met (one of these days Aly ) Other family that I haven’t seen in decades or get to see less than once in a blue moon.  And friends of today who share my present life – whether they be quilters, artists, lost coin members, fellow music lovers, photographers – you name it – whether we’ve met ‘for real’ or just online.  Add to that,  former work colleagues and clients who it is a pleasure to stay connected to.

 Now, while I enjoyed the idea of  sharing this photo, it was hardly something that I would attach to an email and send to 99% of the people on that list.  It just wasn’t that big a deal.  Picture this imaginary conversation via email:  “Oh hey, Janice – look at this cool pic of me and my kid when he was three.”  Janice – “huh?  Why send me that?  Huh? “  Me – “I dunno”.  

However, posting it on Facebook – entirely different –  much more casual. It’s probably amongst the more rationale things that people post there in fact.

So I did and once again I’ll state that Facebook is truly the town square that some say it is meant to be.  And I’m happy to be able to hang out there.   Hope to see you there soon, passing through!


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B is for Bowling

Every time I go bowling I say the same thing – “This is so much fun!  Why don’t we do this more often?”  …. And then years go by….

I’m in Minneapolis this week to celebrate youngest granddaughter’s 11th birthday.  She loves to bowl (she’s enthusiastic about EVERYTHING!) and requested a trip to Memory Lanes.

Some things were the same as I remembered – the clutzy shoes, the god-awful food from the snack bar (actually the nachos weren’t too bad) and the FUN!

Some things were very different.  Like, as we were setting up my daughter in law asking me if I wanted gutter bumpers.    I said “Huh?”   She explained these little bumper thingies pop up to prevent your ball from going into the gutter.   Are you KIDDING?   You bet I want them 🙂

Watching the girls enjoy themselves was the most fun; getting a strike and scoring a hundred in a game was a lot of fun too.

Next time I will try to get a ball that my fingers don’t stick to when I try to release it.  AND I will know where the foul line is.  I didn’t realize until the 8th inning that I was mistaking a floorboard line about a yard and a half behind the REAL foul line for the foul line.  And none of those bums told me !!

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My 10 Year Old Granddaughter Gets Her First Email Account

My 10 year old granddaughter Abby has been wanting her own email account for ages (big sis has one)  and yesterday her parents allowed her to go ahead and set one up.  Like most grandmas do, I think everything they do is hugely cute and clever (in this case it is, LOL)  and really need to share the back and forth conversation we had.  Just to link this to quilting 🙂 both girls have been the recipients of quilts that I have made over the past several years and are ongoing inspirations!

from Abby to me:  Saturday morning early 9/24

im so happy that i have a gmail account now, its

abby on her account! can you belive it?

anyways i was wondering,, could you mabey give me some emailing tips?thanks grandma honey!

Guila Greer to Abby
     Sep 24 (2 days ago)

Abby I am so excited that you have your OWN account – this is SOOOOOOO  great.
I’m going to be picked up by friends to go to a quilt show in a few minutes so I can’t give you the tips right now or the news but I’ll be back later!!!!!

love love love
Grandma Honey

Abby Greer to me
show details Sep 24 (1 day ago)

When you get home and check your email account I want you to now i love you,  hugs and kisses (or xoxoxo).

A little later in the afternoon

Abby Greer to me
Sep 24 (1 day ago)

hey are you back yet grandma honey?

Guila Greer to Abby
                Sep 24 (1 day ago)

Hi Abby, I just got back!!!

Abby Greer to me
                    Sep 24 (1 day ago)


Guila Greer to Abby
                        Sep 24 (1 day ago)

OK, so ya want some email tips.  OK here we go.

The thing you need to be most concerned about is a VIRUS.  These most often come in the form of an attachment.  This might even be disguised as coming from someone you know.

So, don’t open an attachment that you are not expecting without checking with a grownup.

Something else you don’t want is a lot of SPAM.  So if you get a spam email ask someone to show you how to BLOCK that spam so next time it will go right to your spam folder.

Never give private information in an email from someone who isn’t a good friend or family member. (Or even from them if it looks “funny”.)   It could be someone doing what is called “PHISHING” for private info for Identity Theft.
Again -if in doubt, ask a grownup.

Make sure you re-read what you send before you hit the send button: once it’s gone, it’s gone!

Sometimes if you’re not sure what you want to say (let’s say you’re angry with a friend and you want to tell them to jump in the lake).  It’s good to write a “draft”  (click on Save Draft) – then go back to it and review before you decide if you really want to send it.  You may have changed your mind.

What questions do you have for me?

I’m going to take a 20 minute power nap.  then I’ll check in again.

love, love, love you!!!!!  🙂       ❤ ❤ ❤


thanks i’ll keep those things in mind. hugs kisses and food.

Guila Greer to Abby
2:14 PM (7 hours ago)

You’re welcome Abby!!
So, are you enjoying being able to email people?  I’m sure you must be.  If you want to email Poppy his email address is:

We just finished having a yard sale – wasn’t too bad, made a few buckaroos, haha.

hugs, kisses and food to you too 🙂
love you lots!!

Abby Greer to me
show details 2:35 PM (7 hours ago)

Thanks i’ll keep that in mind, rock grandma honey! weell, i’ll see you later, i guess.

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Good Intentions

My good intentions (last post in April 2009) went awry last year as life (and death) intervened. Upon reflection I realize that it wasn’t just the time spent travelling – it was more the accompanying state of mind that dampened any energy or enthusiasm I had to create art or talk about it here.
Not that things have returned to “normal” – or appear to any time soon. but I’m not waiting for that to happen. Too many ideas and too much to do! Fun stuff.

At the moment I’m in Minnesota helping out while my daughter in law recovers from knee surgery. When I was packing I wanted to make sure that I packed some work to do in my down time. And, as you all know, you feel like doing different kinds of quilting, art or needlework according to the mood you’re in.
Here’s what I packed (for a 2 wks plus 1 day stay)
knitting – a scarf in progress (easy for the plane)
fingerless gloves (in progress on the needles)
yarn to start a sweater for my oldest granddaughter
assorted fabric to cut out for a lap quilt
an art quilt in progress and needing the hand embroidery to be done
a little kit containing beading tools and beads (to make earrings for youngest granddaughter who just got her ears pierced)

My husband just shook his head when he saw it all go into the suitcase but I know you all understand. Today I actually cut out the fabric for the lap quilt. The scarf grew a little while flying out here; granddaughter’s sweater is on the needles; younger granddaughter has 2 new pairs of earrings. The art quilt has a little of the stitching done – the fingerless gloves haven’t budged.

Well, it’s almost time to take my granddaughter to circus school. The knitting goes with me.

Thanks for letting me ramble on here. Next post will include pics of some new work.