After enjoyable and gratifying careers in the medical and business fields I find myself on a journey to uncover, develop and to express this inner artist that I have joyfully discovered.  While I am focused on designing and making art quilts I am also a photographer and have been doing more mixed media of late. My poetry began as a means of self expression while journaling but I found that it is increasingly a practice that I enjoy for its own sake.

I love to work with all kinds of fibers and embellishments in order to create texture and to use various painting techniques to get just the effect that I’m looking for.   I very often use my own hand dyed fabric to achieve my artistic goal.

I am in love with color – saturated vibrant color.   I have learned that there truly are no “quilt police” when it comes to one’s personal expression of creativity;  no right or wrong way.  It just has to feel right and look right to you;  – it is all a voyage of discovery.

10 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hello! I discovered your work Wintery Mix in Minneapolis-St. Paul. Beautiful! Took me right back to my Canadian childhood. Is any of your qork for sale? I live in Atlanta. Colleen

  2. Hello. I noticed that you had a class in Woodland Hills. Only one WH that I know of–the place I just moved to. Are you in Southern CA?

  3. Thanks Mary. I haven’t posted anything new in a bit. Been busy getting new workshops organized. They’re well underway now and going great. Looking forward to working on the art that I love. thanks so much for your comment.

  4. Hi Guila, Love your blog. Thanks for following me. I too, am in love with color. The more the better. I look forward to seeing your creativity grow!

  5. Guila, your art is almost as beautiful as you are. I guess they go hand-in-hand! Is there an easy way to access the info about breast cancer, like sending me a link. I don’t use FaceBook very much.



    1. Laurie – thanks for reading my blog and for your sweet comment.
      I have forwarded you a letter than I received from a good friend who is a breast cancer survivor. She goes into detail as to what has taken place as well as a ‘call to action.’
      Thanks again Laurie.
      love and hugs,

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