After enjoyable and gratifying careers in the medical and business fields I find myself on a journey to uncover, develop and to express this inner artist that I have joyfully discovered.  While I am focused on designing and making art quilts I am also a photographer and have been doing more mixed media of late. My poetry began as a means of self expression while journalling but I found that it is increasingly a practice that I enjoy for its own sake.

I took the plunge last year to concentrate on developing my artistic techniques and business. At this time I just can’t imagine doing anything else – I feel like I’ve “come home” to my work as an artist.

I learned how to sew and knit as a young child.  For many years I admired the quilts made by my mother and others but didn’t have the time to learn quilting myself. I concentrated on developing my photographic skills during that time.  Finally, upon receiving  a gorgeous braid quilt from my mom in 2001,  I knew that I HAD to learn how to do this.

Very quickly I realized that most “traditional” quilting was too confining – I needed to be able to use my imagination and creativity more. This led to an interest in art quilting and I’ve been busy soaking up all kinds of techniques and adapting them to my creations.

I love to work with all kinds of fibers and embellishments in order to create texture and to use various painting techniques to get just the effect that I’m looking for.

I am in love with color – saturated vibrant color.  An example of “fun” for me is experimenting with color combinations that defy the rules.  I have also learned that there truly are no “quilt police” when it comes to one’s personal expression of creativity;  no right or wrong way.  It just has to feel right and look right to you;  – it is all a voyage of discovery.

9 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hello. I noticed that you had a class in Woodland Hills. Only one WH that I know of–the place I just moved to. Are you in Southern CA?

  2. Thanks Mary. I haven’t posted anything new in a bit. Been busy getting new workshops organized. They’re well underway now and going great. Looking forward to working on the art that I love. thanks so much for your comment.

  3. Hi Guila, Love your blog. Thanks for following me. I too, am in love with color. The more the better. I look forward to seeing your creativity grow!

  4. Guila, your art is almost as beautiful as you are. I guess they go hand-in-hand! Is there an easy way to access the info about breast cancer, like sending me a link. I don’t use FaceBook very much.



    1. Laurie – thanks for reading my blog and for your sweet comment.
      I have forwarded you a letter than I received from a good friend who is a breast cancer survivor. She goes into detail as to what has taken place as well as a ‘call to action.’
      Thanks again Laurie.
      love and hugs,

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