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Sadly, Vincent Was Not Helped By His Stay at Arles

In 1890, Vincent Van Gogh, eager for the sunshine, moved to Arles, in the south of France. His aim was to develop his painting skills further and, at the same time, he strove to fend off the demons that plagued his short life.

Vincent Van Gogh’s stay in Arles was a prolific period and he painted many of his best known and admired paintings during this time.  

Van Gogh’s yellow bedroom was the subject of 3 of his paintings.  But this art quilt is the only rendition that depicts those demons.  It becomes more clear why Vincent left Arles in 1899 and obvious why his state of mind was more fragile than ever.

P.S. This quilt and statement is not intended to make light of Vincent’s dire situation. It seeks to give some shape to his very real health problems – his demons were real.

17 inches W by 14 inches H

available for purchase

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