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B is for Bowling

Every time I go bowling I say the same thing – “This is so much fun!  Why don’t we do this more often?”  …. And then years go by….

I’m in Minneapolis this week to celebrate youngest granddaughter’s 11th birthday.  She loves to bowl (she’s enthusiastic about EVERYTHING!) and requested a trip to Memory Lanes.

Some things were the same as I remembered – the clutzy shoes, the god-awful food from the snack bar (actually the nachos weren’t too bad) and the FUN!

Some things were very different.  Like, as we were setting up my daughter in law asking me if I wanted gutter bumpers.    I said “Huh?”   She explained these little bumper thingies pop up to prevent your ball from going into the gutter.   Are you KIDDING?   You bet I want them 🙂

Watching the girls enjoy themselves was the most fun; getting a strike and scoring a hundred in a game was a lot of fun too.

Next time I will try to get a ball that my fingers don’t stick to when I try to release it.  AND I will know where the foul line is.  I didn’t realize until the 8th inning that I was mistaking a floorboard line about a yard and a half behind the REAL foul line for the foul line.  And none of those bums told me !!

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