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My 10 Year Old Granddaughter Gets Her First Email Account

My 10 year old granddaughter Abby has been wanting her own email account for ages (big sis has one)  and yesterday her parents allowed her to go ahead and set one up.  Like most grandmas do, I think everything they do is hugely cute and clever (in this case it is, LOL)  and really need to share the back and forth conversation we had.  Just to link this to quilting 🙂 both girls have been the recipients of quilts that I have made over the past several years and are ongoing inspirations!

from Abby to me:  Saturday morning early 9/24

im so happy that i have a gmail account now, its

abby on her account! can you belive it?

anyways i was wondering,, could you mabey give me some emailing tips?thanks grandma honey!

Guila Greer to Abby
     Sep 24 (2 days ago)

Abby I am so excited that you have your OWN account – this is SOOOOOOO  great.
I’m going to be picked up by friends to go to a quilt show in a few minutes so I can’t give you the tips right now or the news but I’ll be back later!!!!!

love love love
Grandma Honey

Abby Greer to me
show details Sep 24 (1 day ago)

When you get home and check your email account I want you to now i love you,  hugs and kisses (or xoxoxo).

A little later in the afternoon

Abby Greer to me
Sep 24 (1 day ago)

hey are you back yet grandma honey?

Guila Greer to Abby
                Sep 24 (1 day ago)

Hi Abby, I just got back!!!

Abby Greer to me
                    Sep 24 (1 day ago)


Guila Greer to Abby
                        Sep 24 (1 day ago)

OK, so ya want some email tips.  OK here we go.

The thing you need to be most concerned about is a VIRUS.  These most often come in the form of an attachment.  This might even be disguised as coming from someone you know.

So, don’t open an attachment that you are not expecting without checking with a grownup.

Something else you don’t want is a lot of SPAM.  So if you get a spam email ask someone to show you how to BLOCK that spam so next time it will go right to your spam folder.

Never give private information in an email from someone who isn’t a good friend or family member. (Or even from them if it looks “funny”.)   It could be someone doing what is called “PHISHING” for private info for Identity Theft.
Again -if in doubt, ask a grownup.

Make sure you re-read what you send before you hit the send button: once it’s gone, it’s gone!

Sometimes if you’re not sure what you want to say (let’s say you’re angry with a friend and you want to tell them to jump in the lake).  It’s good to write a “draft”  (click on Save Draft) – then go back to it and review before you decide if you really want to send it.  You may have changed your mind.

What questions do you have for me?

I’m going to take a 20 minute power nap.  then I’ll check in again.

love, love, love you!!!!!  🙂       ❤ ❤ ❤


thanks i’ll keep those things in mind. hugs kisses and food.

Guila Greer to Abby
2:14 PM (7 hours ago)

You’re welcome Abby!!
So, are you enjoying being able to email people?  I’m sure you must be.  If you want to email Poppy his email address is:

We just finished having a yard sale – wasn’t too bad, made a few buckaroos, haha.

hugs, kisses and food to you too 🙂
love you lots!!

Abby Greer to me
show details 2:35 PM (7 hours ago)

Thanks i’ll keep that in mind, rock grandma honey! weell, i’ll see you later, i guess.