Work (still) in Progress

There are lots of reasons we don’t finish our projects right away.  And one of them is that we’re not quite sure how we WANT to complete the piece.

So this has been hanging around for awhile now on my design wall.

tree on aura_edited-1

This started as a plain piece of Lutradur.  I took a photo of a tree on my street and worked with it using Photoshop Elements.  I took out everything that I didn’t want in my finished piece including all the leaves on the tree.  This step also included removing all the color.

In the meantime I painted the Lutradur with acrylic paints.  I used some from Golden paint and some Lumiere in various coppery hues.

Then the moment of truth as I printed my tree onto the Lutradur.

Then lots of fun to thread paint the tree itself.  I used a variegated 40 weight cotton from King Tut – (In the meantime I had layered the piece with cotton batting.

and that’s when I stopped.

The biggest question in my mind is whether or not to add quilting.

So now it’s time to finish and I’ve given myself 2 weeks to do that.  I hope by posting the process to date I’ll have more accountability to do that – to keep it as a priority.

What’s your opinion on adding more quilting to the piece?

Sneak Peek – Latest Earring Creations for Fall (and late summer too)

Hi y’all!  On this 108 degree day in the Southland in a week that has seen a murderous 113 (and more they say), my thoughts are turning to Autumn.  And in addition to promises of cooler breezes I visualized the beautiful color scape that Nature brings to us in the fall.

I took some time out from stitching to design some new earrings and just started listing them on Etsy.  So you get to see most of them before everybody else!

Breakfast in Santa Fe

Breakfast in Santa Fe  $12.00

Lunch Date in Taos

Lunch Date in Taos  $12.00

Bronze Melody

Bronze Melody


Copper Melody

Copper Melody  $12.00

Fall Classic

Fall Classic  $14.00

I Heart Autumn

I Heart Autumn  $14.00

Mystic Morn

Mystic Morn  $ 14.00

Citrine Swings

Citrine Swings  $14.00

Rose Quartz Romance

Rose Quartz Romance  $14.00

Butterscotch With a Kick

Butterscotch With a Kick  $ 12.00

Red Polka Dot Flirt

Red Polka Dot Flirt  $10.00

Amber Dreams

Amber Glow  $ 10.00

Butterfly Blues

Butterfly Blues  $ 8.00

These are all available for purchase in my Etsy shop: