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Sometimes the Setting Makes The Quilt

Happy New Year Bloggers and Bloggees :-).  (some people will wish you Happy New Year all month; I’ll stick to this week, lol)

Awhile back when we were talking about design walls I had the pieces of this quilt up to demonstrate.  Well it’s finally done – at least the quilt top is.  I still must lay it out, pin it, quilt it and bind it. Details, details.

This was an experiment.  I put these blocks on point just to see how it would work.  I think I prefer the on point to the traditional setting; how ’bout you?

I’ll put pictures of both settings up for you to see.

First is the traditional set – unsewn on wall.

And I just added this photo of the diagonal set without the outer triangles and border – again unsewn.

and finally:       The diagonal set with inset triangles and border – all ready for quilting: