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Sometimes the Setting Makes The Quilt

Happy New Year Bloggers and Bloggees :-).  (some people will wish you Happy New Year all month; I’ll stick to this week, lol)

Awhile back when we were talking about design walls I had the pieces of this quilt up to demonstrate.  Well it’s finally done – at least the quilt top is.  I still must lay it out, pin it, quilt it and bind it. Details, details.

This was an experiment.  I put these blocks on point just to see how it would work.  I think I prefer the on point to the traditional setting; how ’bout you?

I’ll put pictures of both settings up for you to see.

First is the traditional set – unsewn on wall.

And I just added this photo of the diagonal set without the outer triangles and border – again unsewn.

and finally:       The diagonal set with inset triangles and border – all ready for quilting:

4 thoughts on “Sometimes the Setting Makes The Quilt”

  1. Deb – thanks for your observations and comments. You’re right – the photos were taken at different times under different conditions and of course I can’t take another one of the traditional set – too late for that. But I hadn’t considered that the set might affect the way the color popped and that’s important. For me personally I love all the colors in it so it didn’t matter. I just liked the dynamic of the on point set. I just received a gift book all about taking photos of your art and shall dive right into it. 🙂 Guila

    Deb- I just added a 3rd photo that I found of the diagonal set taken at the same time as the “traditional” photo. similar lighting for both

  2. Interesting comments. I think that in order to do a real comparison, you need to place both layouts on the same background and photograph them in the same light. At first I was going to say that the burgundy pops in the “on point” version because it matches the background fabric. But then looking at both, the “on point” version is a much redder image. The blues are not very blue in that image, and I think it’s due to the photography, not the background fabric. So, I would be interested in seeing different photos before voting. :-).

  3. Debbie, I hadn’t noticed that before – but you’re so right – the colors do pop differently according to the setting. Thanks for commenting !
    It’s interesting that you’re seeing “browns”. Maybe different monitors are displaying the colors differently. There is no brown fabric in the quilt. I can see however, how the deeper burgundy could read as brown.

    Debbie – I just added a 3rd photo that I found of the diagonal set taken at the same time as the “traditional” photo. similar lighting for both

  4. Guila, It is hard to believe it is the same squares, it looks so different. Although on point is very dramatic, I like the traditional because the blues and purples really accentuate the reds and browns. In the on point arrangement the reds and the browns over power the blues and purples.

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