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The Garden Twist Quilt – a Classic Quilt Design!

The Around the Twist block has been around since 1870 and remains a popular and beautiful focus for a quilt of any size.
Here is a small wall hanging that shows one completed around the twist:

Garden Twist Sample

Class is ongoing now at Quilty Pleasures in Simi Valley Monday evenings.

We will most likely repeat this class in the fall so if you are interested please call – 805-581-1577  or leave me a message here. You will be notified when the next 5 class series is scheduled.

The quilt can be made in any size from Crib Quilt to King Size.

Classes, Fiber Art, Quilts, Traditional Quilts and Quilts for People, Workshops

Time To Get Bitten By The Quilt Bug !

It’s time to get bitten by the Quilt Bug – definitely a LOT more fun than mosquitoes.

You’ll have a great chance to jump in with our newly scheduled Introduction to Quilting Course to be held at Quilty Pleasures in Simi Valley starting in September.  During the series of 6 classes you will learn the skills that you need to make your first quilt.

You will be making a vibrant Autumn (or theme of your choosing) wall quilt 32 inches by 32 inches featuring fabrics that you will choose at the first class meeting.

Here’s a photo of the sample we have prepared.

IMG_20130719_135721_599 - Version 2

Call Quilty Pleasures to sign up today -805-581-1577

Quilts, Traditional Quilts and Quilts for People

Sometimes the Setting Makes The Quilt

Happy New Year Bloggers and Bloggees :-).  (some people will wish you Happy New Year all month; I’ll stick to this week, lol)

Awhile back when we were talking about design walls I had the pieces of this quilt up to demonstrate.  Well it’s finally done – at least the quilt top is.  I still must lay it out, pin it, quilt it and bind it. Details, details.

This was an experiment.  I put these blocks on point just to see how it would work.  I think I prefer the on point to the traditional setting; how ’bout you?

I’ll put pictures of both settings up for you to see.

First is the traditional set – unsewn on wall.

And I just added this photo of the diagonal set without the outer triangles and border – again unsewn.

and finally:       The diagonal set with inset triangles and border – all ready for quilting:

Quilts, Traditional Quilts and Quilts for People

Traditional Quilts and Quilts for People

Going Around In All The Best CirclesGoing Around in All The Best Circles

Original Design based on the traditional Drunkard’s Path Block. This quilt was juried into the Pacific International Quilt Festival in 2008.

Quilts, Traditional Quilts and Quilts for People, works in process

Goals and Gotta-Dos

One of the shows that I wanted to submit to has a deadline only 4 days from now.  There’s no way I’ll finish the quilting on the piece that I wanted to submit.  Darn.  Time just slipped by.  And I’ve been caught up in doing some very mundane quilting.  As in items that I promised to people and must get done.

However, all that said, I’m looking forward to receiving the first “challenge word” this week from our Haiku-Art group.  It’ll be “ready, set, go” with only a week to create and finish the Haiku and the art piece.

So far as my “mundane” work – actually they are 2 quilts that I’ll enjoy doing.  One is the softy sea for my younger granddaughter and I’ve got all the elements ready now to put together.  It’s been a fun designing process. The other is a lap quilt (a wedding gift) and I just finished cutting out the first round of strips.

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Works in Progress

We started our new art quilt group this morning and wow is this going to be wonderful. There were 5 of us at this morning’s meeting (2 more couldn’t make it) and our purpose was to communicate what we want to achieve with this group. We all agreed that we want to stretch ourselves creatively – to learn and try different things as well as refine the skills already learned. We started a list of topics that we want to be sure to cover.
This is going to be so much fun.
I have several pieces in mind to make – first I really must finish the quilting on my Spring Whispers throw (I’ll post a pic of the top) and get busy with my Hollow Cube Wall Quilt quilting.
A few months ago I made a little art quilt for my yoga teacher. It was very hard to part with it and I want to do another one along the same lines – just tweak it a bit.