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An SOS to My Art Quilting Readers – Need Ideas

Please excuse if you see this more than once.  I’ve cross posted it to the Quilt Art list and on my Facebook page as well.

I have a logistics/design issue that I’ve been working on and am not happy with my solutions so far.
I’m SURE there must be one or more of you out there who has happily solved this.

I have more than a dozen small quilts that vary in size with the largest about 12 x 12.
They do not have a cohesive theme of any kind.
I would like to put them all into book form for viewing – but want it to be fairly easy to remove them and of course not damage them in any way.  I do not want to put them into ‘jackets’.

I have looked at several tutorials and patterns and everything I see is related to making a cover for an existing journal or sewing/quilting a journal.  Some of these are extraordinarily beautiful but not what I need.

Thank you!!

2 thoughts on “An SOS to My Art Quilting Readers – Need Ideas”

  1. What about making your own album. Pick a size that is larger than the largest quiltlet… say 14×14. You could make two covers, then make pages. Pages could be flannel –safety pin the small quilts to them? or use velcro….

    To hold everything together put grommets or some sort of hole on the left… basically I’m thinking of a fabric variation on the theme of a large photo album—the kind with those screw posts on the left. You could even buy jumbo rings–the kind that open up like a binder, and use those (think of the way some fabric samples are displayed at furniture stores)….or use ribbon or shoelaces or cording…..

  2. Perhaps using a heavy card stock cut into the appropriate size pages so that each page can have enough room to punch holes for 1/2″ to 1″ sized grommets on the left side … If you can imagine the pages with a 2 inch left margin (where the grommets will go so you can bind the title page and the pages – each with the mini quilts hand sewn to the paper. To cover the stitching on the back of the pages, you could use a decorative paper which you would glue just the edges of the backing paper to the back of each page. You would score each page about 2 1/2 inches from the left edge so that the binding would be fastened sturdily like one can find in a photo-journal and still have the pages with the quilts sewn to them to move freely as a person turns each page to view the quilts.
    I hope that makes sense to you.

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