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Quilt in Progress – time for some Fiber Art

Well, this is primarily a visual arts blog so I’d better do a quick entry and bring you up to date with what’s on my wall.  The nice thing about having so many pieces in progress is that I have a variety of styles to work on and will never ever get bored. The bad thing about having so many pieces unfinished is having so many pieces unfinished.

I started this awhile back and am in the midst of quilting it. Almost there!  I based it on the Hollow Box block by Sara Nephew then designed the overall quilt.  Not sure if this would qualify as an art quilt. I’d probably call it a contemporary quilt if pressed to pigeonhole it.

What would you call it?

2 thoughts on “Quilt in Progress – time for some Fiber Art”

  1. What difference does it make what you call it? Anyway, I am like you. I always start more than I finish. I tried to cure myself by starting fewer projects but found that it just meant I got even less finished as I lost interest. Now I accept that my interest comes and go and work on what I want.

    Welcome to the “…And then we sit in on fire” blog!

    1. Judith, I was looking back on my blog to find the name of this block – one of those senior moment things, lol, and I read your note. Yep, still starting a lot, finishing some, still and always working on others, having fun. For a while now I have been subscribing to: And then we set it on fire – a wonderful informative blog – REAL information – right up my alley. I’m sure that’s what you meant to write. I’ll look for you there. And Thanks for commenting here (almost 3 years ago and I just read it) Oh My!!! Have a very wonderful 2015!

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