A is for Art (what makes it art?)

 I have an old dear friend who blogs regularly and did a series last year that was prompted by the alphabet. I thought then that it would be fun to try.  (Thank you Marallyn! )   And it just so happens that “A” is perfect for something that I’ve been wanting to talk about here.

Last semester my husband showed a video to his Biological Anthropology class that portrayed a chimp painting.  The chimp seemed to be enjoying the process and he made some colorful pictures.  They weren’t representative of anything in particular – just colorful blobs of paint.

One of the students raised a question:  Was the work that the chimp produced “Art”? Why do you think it might be?  If you don’t think so, why not?

This remains a hotly debated topic in today’s Anthropological, Philosophical and Art circles.