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Just Picture This ! My Morning at West Valley

IMG_0010I should have realized how the day would unfold when I was hunting for my keys all over – I was running a few minute late and rushing.  Guess where they were?  Yup!  In my hand!  %$^&%  Things progressed rapidly from there….   I picked up my friend and we headed for West Valley for our Monday workouts.

Today was high level performance art at the “Y’. I was happy to leave unharmed! You just wouldn’t believe it. First, in the weight room (which was unusually crowded – even for Monday), someone had shoved some equipment around and there was a huge weight lifting apparatus blocking access to the leg press.

Well I managed to sqiggle my way to it (leg press) and some bozo started using the weights and almost clunked my friend on the head while she was waiting for my set to be done. Then it was even harder to get to the leg curl machine. We did a few more apparati then decided to call it a day and go to the pool while our bodies were still intact. 
Door to the changing room: locked. A guy was nearby leaning against the wall and snarled – “Ya can’t go in there; the shower’s clogged.”

me -“Well, we have to change “-

him-“well ya can’t go in there.”

me -” We’re not using the showers right now. We have to change into our suits.  Can we use the lockers? We have to lock up our stuff.  Is the toilet working?” We pressed on.

Finally he threw his hands in the air and unlocked the door. “Go, just go – I’ve been waiting an hour to get in there – I’ll wait another hour. just go.”  We ran in before he could change his mind.
In the pool. Doing laps. All of a sudden my head got tangled up in something. The lap divider floatie thing! The kid who was being lifeguard was fixing additional lanes WHILE WE WERE SWIMMING!!! Almost took my head off.
I went home and hid, lol.

PS – when we finished our laps and went back to the dressing room, the plumber had apparently had success – the showers were working!

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