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June Haiku Art: Waterfalls


My theme for this month seems to be “change” – new directions, new resolve, fresh ideas.

I first thought that I would have to take a pass on the June Haiku project – so much else going on this month. But when presented with the prompt word:  Waterways – I knew that I’d have to do something.  The Haiku came pretty easily.  Having grown up on the Great Lakes and steeped in the history and lore of the St. Lawrence Seaway I immediately thought of Niagara Falls.  And a more recent Falls discovery – Minnehaha Falls.

Minnehaha Falls, Minneapolis, MN

I am currently working on a couple of water related quilt art projects and did not want to start another one right now.  So I turned to another art form and designed and made Waterfall earrings.  Our Haiku Art project can be in whatever form we wish.  
Waterfalls    the Haiku

cascading splendor
mists rising torrents swirling
mighty falls thunder
and the Art

Swarovski Crystals and Sterling Silver

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