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Hardy Rosebuds Thrive – January Haiku Art

My goal was to illustrate nature’s propensity to new beginnings in the face of adversity.

A secondary goal was to try some new creative techniques or materials.

Lutradur – burned edges, stamped and painted with pearl-ex
Angelina fibers – stamped
Rosebud photos printed on cotton, appliqued and thread painted.
Purchased leafy vine appliqued
Haiku printed on Extravorganza – edges fringed and painted
Scattered beads
Sheer tulle layered over the piece
Layered and quilted
Edges finished with  zigzag stitch

2 thoughts on “Hardy Rosebuds Thrive – January Haiku Art”

  1. >Helen, thank you. This is exactly the kind of feedback I am looking for. Yes, It is a composition issue. I agree with your suggestion plus i think I would rearrange the rose vine a bit to give it a little more "free flowing" look – perhaps curve to the right a bit more. We can learn so much by doing these smaller pieces and again Thanks!

  2. >January is lovely – I prefer it to February.You may be unhappy with the gold cloud ? – might have been better continuing a bit behind the rose stem – more integration of elements. BUT too late to fix that – why not make a more definite edge with a gentle cord under more zig zagging – will give it a more finished feel. Might make you happier.

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