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Celebrity Deaths and Public Reaction – from Larry Lootsen’s Blog

A very interesting article from Larry Lootsen’s blog

Larry Lootsteen's Blog

I have asked myself this question before but I’ve never really written about it. I thought this deserved a look.

With the recent death of Whitney Houston I was struck by what amounts to a truly insane reaction. People who never met her or got to see her perform weeping like their own mother died. You can flame me for this but it annoys me. A lot.

Whitney Houston was a great talent. But I definitely don’t lump her in the same category as Elvis, John Lennon or Michael Jackson. She burned bright and burned out. She hasn’t done anything of note in years. Being dead doesn’t make you a legend. It isn’t even a requirement.

So I started asking myself, as a U2 fan, how would I react if Bono died?

Would I cry? Would I run out and find a vigil to attend? Would I start my own…

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