A Very Special Shopping Trip

I got to do something last night that was pretty ordinary for most but deliciously special for me.  My oldest granddaughter (14) was complaining that she had no one around to help her with cosmetics – choosing makeup and the like.  The immediate issue was that today is picture taking day at her school (entering high school) and she had a big ole blemish developing on the side of her nose.  She complained that her mom had no knowledge and no interest in makeup (true – my DIL has rarely used any).   I haven’t been using much either for the last few years but there was a time that I was and like riding a bicycle you don’t forget how to apply eyeliner.
Of course, at 14 she doesn’t need any makeup but she’s so keen on it and such a girly girl.
So I took her shopping and we bought everything from Clearasil to liquid eyeliner.  And did a lot of talking.  I shared little bits of grandmotherly wisdom and we had some laughs too.
Today I will take her to her new school and we will go on the tour.  When it’s her turn for the picture taking she will be confident and ready.
You can’t create special times like this – they just happen when they happen.

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