Busy Week –

I didn’t make much progress with my Art Quilting projects this week but nevertheless it was a good week.

  • I did make progress on a quilt that I’m making for my youngest granddaughter. Kind of a cute story – we were talking on the phone a few weeks ago and I was trying to explain the project that I was working on for a class.  It is a seascape and has all kinds of embellishments including cellophane. (It was an online class with Linda Schmidt – “creating the elements”. Great class!)  Granddaughter first asked me who the quilt is for – then commented that it wouldn’t be a very “softy” quilt. She proceeded to give me a detailed explanation as to how I could get all the special ocean effects that I wanted just by using fabric and thread. Thus ending up with a quilt that would still be “softy.”  So I’m making her a special “softy sea” quilt as a special surprise.
  • My “day job” is real estate and it’s getting more important than ever to get a special designation to list and sell so-called “distressed” properties – such as foreclosures and short sales.  So I’ve been busy taking a class that will culminate with the CDPE designation: Certified Distressed Property Expert. It’s actually quite interesting and I will be finishing up this weekend.
  • I am participating in an online group that was formed to bring Haiku and Fiber Art together.  The group was established this past week by A. Carole Grant, a Canadian Mixed Media/Fiber Artist that I “met” on the Quilt Art list.  I am very excited to be a part of this and am looking forward to some “stretching” and growth as an artist.
  • We had our Book Club meeting this week and a good discussion on “The House at Riverton”.  This was a very good read!  Kind of Upstairs Downstairs meets The Thirteenth Tale – with a little Remains of the Day thrown in for good measure!

It’s supposed to rain here all day tomorrow and I plan to sew, sew, sew!!!

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