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Eye of the Quilter Entries

>I’ve been doing this blogging thing all wrong – waiting until I have enough time to catch up.  Yikes – at the rate it’s going that’ll be a long wait.
So – here we go – SHORT POSTS!!

I’m itching to get into the other room and sew but first…………here are the 2 photos that were accepted into the Eye of the Quilter exhibit in Houston.

Title: Putting It All Into Perspective
Statement: Travelling east in late Summer 2009, I found myself not only enthralled by the scenery but somehow comforted. No matter what else fate may have in store, there will be sights to delight and inspire.
Title: Still Glenwood, Still October
Statement: I love Autumn and its glorious color but there is also a tinge of sadness at the edge of all the beauty.

And here are the Haiku that will be in the Eye of the Quilter exhibit:

My 92 year old mother-in-law who has severe dementia was recently moved into a board and care from her beloved home of 40 years. 
Betty’s Empty House
Her house sits empty
A fog of forgetfulness

Pushes out despair 

I wrote this Haiku while I was recovering from foot surgery a couple of months ago.  I had very strict instructions to keep the surgical area dry in order to avoid a horrible  infection.  Taped on plastic bags were useless so that meant SPONGE BATHS! 
Post Op Lament
Sloppy sponge baths suck
I long for streams of water
Splashing on my head

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