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Sunshine March Haiku Art

>The March word is…………………Sunshine!

I am fascinated by the patterns made by sunshine as it is filtered through dense foliage.  Below is the Haiku that I wrote and the image that came to mind.  It is a photo that I took while visiting the massive old trees in the Armstrong Redwoods State Park in California.
                Forest Canopy
                Clefts in rain soaked branches         
                Sunbeams bursting through                         
Armstrong Redwoods State Park
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Haiku Art – Prompt Word for January is Beginnings

The Challenge – Take the prompt word:  Beginnings – Where do you go in your mind?  Write a Haiku that is prompted by these thoughts. Create a piece of Art that represents the haiku.  You can use whatever technique or medium that you like.

treacherous frost lurks
tender shoots defy the chill
hardy rosebuds thrive

Photo Art by Guila Greer
Come take a look at all the beautiful art work on our blog: http://haikuart.blogspot.com

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Eye of the Quilter Entries

>I’ve been doing this blogging thing all wrong – waiting until I have enough time to catch up.  Yikes – at the rate it’s going that’ll be a long wait.
So – here we go – SHORT POSTS!!

I’m itching to get into the other room and sew but first…………here are the 2 photos that were accepted into the Eye of the Quilter exhibit in Houston.

Title: Putting It All Into Perspective
Statement: Travelling east in late Summer 2009, I found myself not only enthralled by the scenery but somehow comforted. No matter what else fate may have in store, there will be sights to delight and inspire.
Title: Still Glenwood, Still October
Statement: I love Autumn and its glorious color but there is also a tinge of sadness at the edge of all the beauty.

And here are the Haiku that will be in the Eye of the Quilter exhibit:

My 92 year old mother-in-law who has severe dementia was recently moved into a board and care from her beloved home of 40 years. 
Betty’s Empty House
Her house sits empty
A fog of forgetfulness

Pushes out despair 

I wrote this Haiku while I was recovering from foot surgery a couple of months ago.  I had very strict instructions to keep the surgical area dry in order to avoid a horrible  infection.  Taped on plastic bags were useless so that meant SPONGE BATHS! 
Post Op Lament
Sloppy sponge baths suck
I long for streams of water
Splashing on my head