Thursday Delights

Writing this on my status update last night felt very good and really brought the whole day into focus.  I’ll bet that if you stop and think for just a moment, that you can come up with a similar list for your day.  Even if lousy stuff happened – think of the moments that made your day special.  Our lives are made up of many thousands of moments like these.  Savor each one.

Today was a regular day but one of those days when everything just feels good. And here are some of reasons why. As I said, nothing out of the ordinary, just being aware and savoring each moment.

Thursday Delights

wearing brightly patterned socks
granola and yogurt with blueberries
browsing the art supplies in my favorite store
the sun’s gentle benediction
a visual feast of pansies and snapdragons
mixing colors in art class
finding a missing pattern book
filling a donation bag for pickup tomorrow
agreeing to raid the ‘frig for dinner
music in the car; music in the studio
talking to friends and family
giving and receiving warmth and caring.

Visual feast of 'dragons and pansies

3 thoughts on “Thursday Delights”

  1. And when your mind isn’t being cluttered by dozens of petty annoyances and is ‘quiet’, you are better able to notice things like this and to appreciate them. Really, they happen every day, we are just too preoccupied to pay attention.

  2. I cannot think of a better past time than giving thanks for the little things that make life enjoyable! So many little things adds up to a wonderful day … after all! smiles

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