Help – what to do first?????

So here I am sitting with my laptop instead of with my knitting or at my sewing machine. There is so much to be done over the next month. Maybe if I make a list it will somehow make it more manageable. Or, heaven forbid, it might be too scary.
Let’s see: sewing projects: 4 way placemats for DS and his family and for DM; doll dresses (already cut out); finish wall hanging for DDIL; make tote bag for DMIL’s caregiver.
Knitting: hoodie for DGD1; sweater for DGD2; doll dress; cute toddler hat for DGNiece.

But what I REALLY want to work on is my journal quilt for this month’s demo class. It needs to be completed by a week from Saturday. This month we’re incorporating foiling into our journal quilt. Last month it was Shiva paintstiks. I can’t wait to see what she’ll demo next time.

And I want to finish my wall quilt – a hollow cube arrangement in batiks.
And to get a couple of pair of socks knit up.

Well, time to do some knitting.

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