Hacking the Cranberry Relish

This is quite an unusual Thanksgiving.  Family is scattered, I just couldn’t deal with a restaurant today, and need to rest up for a little eye surgery Monday.  So we’re staying home and harrumphing.

Except I just had to make my Fresh Cranberry Relish.  Because I always have and I always will.  So, like I HAD to, right?

So I pulled out my chopper machine, got the ingredients lined up and went to work.  Then I ran into a little snag.

My cuisinart that I’ve owned since my Macy’s adventure in the eighties was being stubborn and I couldn’t get the bowl to turn hardly at all.

So here’s a little tip if this ever happens to you – with a food chopper or other item – except I think it’s called a hack now.

The darn thing wouldn’t budge. I muttered to myself – …wish I could use WD-40 on this thing – that would fix it. But, of course..
then the light went on…..Food Spray – you know, like PAM or CRISCO or like that.. I got some out of the pantry and spritzed all the stuck parts and abracadabra the thing is working like NEW !! Yay me! 🙂



stuck part




very stuck part




IMG_3655 Yummy Cranberry Relish to Enjoy 




4 thoughts on “Hacking the Cranberry Relish

  1. I have had a similar experience with my old Cuisinart ….. bowl was stuck ….. I finally got it loose & rubbed olive oil on the rims. Voila!

    • Your Cuisinart must’ve been about the same vintage as mine. I think I got it in around 1980 – maybe before. For as often as I use it these days I just want to keep it going and not even think about replacing it.

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